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Optare: A Personal Branding project

click on the images to view larger images of the pages of my folio Advertisements

Tee Design: It Never Ends

A commissioned t-shirt design as a token for the outgoing core members of the Department of Student Welfare and Services in Ateneo de Manila University. Printed onto the shirts as well.

Media Packaging Project: Paprika on DVD

A limited edition DVD cover design for Paprika (2006) directed by Satoshi Kun as a submission for the media packaging requirement for our fine arts class. The movie never gets old!

MINImalism: Rowan Atkinson for MINI International

This is a midterm submission for my Advanced Graphic Design class. We were asked to create a press kit for a launch of a character’s new line or advertising campaign. In my case, the press kit was intended for the launch of MINI’s recycling campaign in the Philippines. Of course these are all hypothetical.

I do not have rights for the MINI brand nor Rowan Atkinson’s.
Neither is it for commercial use.
Only pure fun and the love of design

Brainstormer 003 Give Up

words: nazi conviction post office inspired by Postal Service’s song Give Up

Bravo! SeƱor Carlos

Protest Art poster for Parker’s class The RH Bill still scrapes its way out of the pit that many conservativists dug so as to prevent its passage. Carlos Celdran is a man who dared to raise his voice and cry outwalk before the high ranking officials of the church, and hoped to

Brainstormer 002 Turista

random words that set the theme of this work: reunion dying bus Let’s all remember what happened last November 25, 2010

A Hiccup In Your Happiness

A Hiccup In Your Happiness One lifetime is not a mere stretch nor a collinear throng of equally- affective events. More often than not, the bumps, stubbles or snaps seem more obvious than the ultimate highs. As the ice gets thinner, and the coldness numbs your very being, you cant help but look for a … Continue reading

Kathang Kamay Brand Manual: an FA 174 project

This is a rebranding project for a copper jewelry brand in the Philippines, Kathang Kamay. Owned by Minnette Ong, Kathang Kamay continues to incorporate indigenous ideas and market organic materials through creating wearable jewelry art.

Oscar Wilde’s Salome redesigned

In our FA class we were asked to redesign a book in three different styles: Designer, Classic and Modern I took inspiration from Aubrey Beardsley’s illustrations in 1893, making it have that distinct art deco feel and yet having a fresh insight of contemporary style. Enjoy reading!